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With Over 20 years experience, we have helped companies of all sizes solve their computer and networking problems.





The information in this website is not to be considered specific technical advice. Please consult with one of our technicians for detailed advice specific to your needs. PC Friendly, Inc. disclaims all liabilities and responsibilities for any losses or damages that may arise whether directly or indirectly as a result of the use of any information which is available from this Web site.

Our "clients" or "customers" are ultimately responsible for their computer, data, and data backups. We use a "best effort" to protect our customer's data, but due to situations beyond our control (such as hardware conflicts, failed drives, corruption within the systems, viruses, spyware, and adware), we can not guarantee your data's integrity. All software that is used for 'Performance tuning' installed is the responsibility of our clients or customers. All software that is used by PC Friendly, Inc. goes through extensive testing before use on our client's systems. If PC Friendly, Inc. finds illegal software, data, or images on your computer system during the normal process of working on your computer, we reserve the right to inform authorities and companies that are being abused. PC Friendly, Inc. will help companies and authorities to prosecute to the best of our ability.

PC Friendly, Inc. recommends to backup your data before PC Friendly, Inc. or any other consultant, Computer Repair shop works on your computer. A log of work performed on your computer can be presented to you upon request.